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Buy Rough Diamonds

Manufacturers and Diamond Dealers essentially have two alternatives when it comes to buy rough diamonds. They are either purchased directly from mining companies or can be purchased from other licensed diamond dealers in the secondary trading market. Mining companies or producers sell their diamonds either through a “sight” system or through tenders and auctions. To buy …

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diamond rush KZN

Diamond Rush

‘Diamonds’ in Ladysmith, KZN: Quartz stones spark South Africa rush ‘Diamonds’ in KZN: Suspected quartz stones spark South Africa diamond rush Thousands of diamond seekers have flocked to KwaHlathi village near Ladysmith, KZN South Africa, believing the area could contain diamonds. It comes after a man in dug up a crystal-like stone in an open …

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Red Diamonds

Red diamonds showcased

Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender is being showcased in Singapore to connoisseurs, collectors and investors from across Asia. Headlining the 2019 collection of 64 pink and red diamonds is Lot 1: Argyle Enigma™, 1.75 carat modified radiant Fancy Red diamond. With an unrivalled potency of colour The Argyle Enigma™ is one of three Fancy red diamonds in the …

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HRD Antwerp has begun to issue gemological certificates for lab-grown diamonds. According to the Antwerp-based lab, every synthetic diamond tested will be issued its own, green colored certificate, which is different in color than the certificates issued for natural diamonds at the lab. Every synthetic stone will be laser inscribed with the words “Lab Grown” The lab …


Diamond Producers

Diamond Producers Association   The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) congratulated Stephen Lussier on his appointment as the Chairman of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), with WFDB President Mr.Ernie Blom saying the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) will benefit from Lussier’s long experience in the diamond industry. “Stephen’s breadth of knowledge of the diamond business …

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Dominion Diamond Corporation

Dominion Diamond Corporation Reports Fiscal 2016 Second Quarter Results Dominion Diamond Corporation, the world’s third-largest producer of rough diamonds by value, reported a 24 percent slump in second-quarter sales amid subdued demand in Asia. The company swung to a loss as it incurred a one-time charge following the departure of its chief executive officer and …

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diamond price list

Diamond price list: Can the industry manage without diamond price lists?   Price lists have become an increasingly important part of the diamond market over the past 25 years – and the Rapaport list has achieved overwhelming importance. But do, and can, such lists, provide an accurate indication of diamond prices? Are changes to the …

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Diamonds – IGI Report – Int. Gemological Institute

DIAMONDS DIAMOND REPORT IGI Diamond Reports give an accurate assessment of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight according to strict international standards. IGI Diamond Reports are issued for diamonds of any size; a plotted diagram of the characteristics and a graphic representation of proportions appear on many of our documents. IGI Diamond Reports …

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