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Educational services will be provided to help the industry improve on determining that the diamonds in vintage pieces are real, natural diamonds.

Vintage Diamonds

De Beers is making it easier to resell or buy vintage diamonds and pre-owned diamonds with confidence. De Beers has just announced a new partnership with CIRCA, a global buyer of pre-owned fine diamond jewellery and watches, which will use new diamond detection equipment to find out whether second hand and resold diamonds are legitimate. Educational …

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debeers lightbox

Debeers Lightbox Diamond Jewellery

Debeers Lightbox Diamond Jewellery DE BEERS GROUP TO LAUNCH NEW FASHION JEWELRY BRAND WITH LABORATORY-GROWN DIAMONDS 29 May 2018 De Beers Group today announced the launch of a new company called Lightbox Jewelry that will begin marketing a new brand of laboratory-grown diamond jewelry under the Lightbox name in September, offering consumers high-quality, fashion jewelry …

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diamond prices

Diamond Prices Stable Amid Slow April Trading

Diamond Prices Stable Amid Slow April Trading RAPAPORT PRESS RELEASE, May 1, 2018, New York…The diamond market was seasonally quiet in April as dealers took vacation over the Passover and Easter holidays. Polished diamond prices were steady, with manufacturers protecting their profit margins against recent rough-price hikes. The RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1-carat diamonds …

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diamond producing countries

Diamond Producing Countries

Who are the Diamond Producing Countries? Diamonds are mined in 24 different countries know as  diamond producing countries. Group 1 countries produce the fewest pure gem quality diamonds. They mainly produce industrial diamonds and near-gem quality diamonds destined for fashion jewelry markets. Group 2 countries produce the largest number of commercial grade diamonds mainly destined …

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Diamond advertising campaign – The Diamond Producers Association

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has launched a new Diamond advertising campaign The group released two commercials telling the story of couples on life journeys together, it aims to connect with the millennials generation. In contrast with traditional diamond advertising, which often featured glamorous, perfect models, the diamond ads portray the lives of real people …

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