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Rough Diamonds – Rough Diamond Journey



The knowledge to evaluate and understand the rough diamond is in a comprehensive form. Corlia Roberts Rough Diamond Journey,

A Practical Guide is a source for the gemologist, diamond dealer, retail jeweler, or anyone that has an interest in the diamond industry.

Rough Diamonds – Rough Diamond Journey

This book is an authoritative and concise guide on the subject of rough diamonds. This book is our work manual for the Rough Diamond Grading and evaluation course.

When combined with studies in the classroom, it equips the learner with vital knowledge to enter with confidence into the field of rough diamond evaluation and purchasing.

It contains a discount coupon code for a single use R1150.00, should you wish to take any of our diamond courses in the future.

The authors Corlia and Xanchia Roberts have spent over twenty years in the industry to bring you this unique work. Corlia Roberts is the director of the Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds , an internationally recognized training facility dedicated to teaching rough diamond grading and evaluation and other gemology and jewellery industry specific courses.




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