Jewellery Sales Professional

It has been called the world’s most glamorous retail sector. But contrary to popular belief, jewellery doesn’t sell itself. To close sales you have to know the product as well as its features and benefits. As a sales consultant, you’re a vital source of information for your customers. To successfully communicate the value of your merchandise, you must be able to back up your sales presentations with comprehensive and reliable product knowledge – the kind that earns trust — and closes sales.

Specially developed for the career-minded sales consultant, our sales program gives you all the product knowledge and closing techniques you need to become a leading sales professional in the jewellery industry. It also gives you the credibility and prestige customers are looking for when they buy important jewellery. Earn the ultimate mark of a sales professional 

The program covers essential information about diamonds, colored stones, precious metals and jewellery features that will help you answer customer questions with confidence

This course is designed for:

• Online Jewellery sales consultants;
• Store Managers
• Retail Sales Professional
• Pawnbrokers

What You’ll Learn

  • How clarity, colour, cut, and carat weight affect a diamond’s value.
  • Examine the relationship between size and weight of diamonds
  • Explore the differences between Natural and laboratory-grown diamonds, synthetic, and imitation stones to sell with full disclosure.
  • Understand the steps of the sales process.
  • Translate design, style, and manufacturing features into benefits.
  • How to convey the romance, lore, and characteristics of the most popular gemstones.
  • Selling laboratory-grown diamond jewellery
  • The psychology of selling. An in-depth look at why people buy what jewellery.
  • Other topics include how precious metals are regulated, marketed, and tested, and the key components of a compelling product presentation.
  • The course also covers selling of watches and gifts.
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