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Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds presents:

The Diamond Entrepreneurship Course

2 month Entrepreneurship program

If you have asked?

How do I start a diamond business?
What is a diamond beneficiation Licence?
What is Diamond Trading?

This course is for you, start your journey now,

The Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds has been established specifically for the South African entrepreneurs wanting to get into the rewarding diamond business.

Create and grow a Diamond startup,
Learn in small groups,
Get a certificate in Diamond Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Learn from actual entrepreneurs instead of theoretical Phd-ers.
At the Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds it is our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s diamond entrepreneurs in the most inspirational and personal way possible.

Unleash and grow your full entrepreneurial potential now Just call us at +27739990999 to start you journey to greatness.

Included in the start -up program R32500.00

  • Rough diamond grading and Evaluation
  • Basic Diamond cutting
  • Polished Diamond Grading
  • Introduction to Jewellery manufacture and Design

Optional Extras

  • Company registration (R550.00)
  • Online Shop and 1 years free hosting (Presta Shop) (R7500.00
  • Licence application and Business plan (R7000.00)

What to help?
Think you can help our students on there journey, companies with funding and technical support, Simply drop us a line! And we will contact you.

We are easy to reach. Call us +27739990999, visit us or simply send us an e-mail.

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