Precious Metals Trader Certification Course.

Gold Training Course

Our gold training course is run monthly throughout the year covering precious metals with the main focus on gold;

The precious metals course (PMC) includes Gold, Silver, platinum, and palladium.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Precious Metals Understanding Supply and Demand:
  • What is Contango and Backwardation
  • How and Where Precious Metals are Traded
  • Forms Of Bullion
  • Weights
  • Purity
  • Fake Bullion And How To Avoid It.
  • Non Abrasive Cleaning
  • The Price Of Bullion
  • XRF Scanner use, Non-destructive Element Analysis
  • Bullion As An Investment
  • Storage Options
  • What is the Precious Metals Delivery Process?
  • Introduction to Precious Metals Risk Management/Hedging and Ratios
  • Understanding the Precious Metals Spot Spread
  • Gold & Silver Ratio Spread
  • Understanding Intermarket Spreads: Platinum and Gold
  • The Future of Gold Detection
  • Precious Metals Act [No. 37 of 2005]

This course is perfect for anyone interested in working in the following industries:

  • Retail Jewelery
  • Jewelery Manufacturing
  • Pawnbroking
  • Antique Industry
  • Bullion Dealer
  • Investment Industry
  • Opening a refinery and applying for a licence
  • Professional gold prospectors
  • Small scale artisanal mining
  • Gold specimen collectors

Cost 3 Days R11500.00 USD $950.00

Our course was developed in partnership with Diamgold Metal Exchange. World-class instructors.

Courses: Bespoke Learning, Classroom Training, eLearning, Social Learning, Graduate Programmes, Blended Learning.

The Institutes personal and professional precious metals programs and trainings have assisted individuals and organizations in transforming into resourceful, responsible, ethical, and profitable players.

We also offer a comprehensive gold (AU) program that people can approach either as a possible career or as an extension to their professional life.

Venue: Refinery Pretoria

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