Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Jeweler) is a four-day short course in which participants learn how companies can tackle digital transformation and drive innovative marketing strategy.

You will rethink the customer journey to help you build positive and relevant experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

Today’s world is a digital world, with nearly half the world online. With so many people using the internet, it makes sense for a business to tap into digital. Find out what opportunities exist and how a website, videos or social media could help you reach your goals.

Upcoming Sessions Start 21 January 2019 :  4 Days : Location Rosebank Johannesburg

Course Outline:

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Jeweler) 

Taking  your business online;

Find out which digital opportunities can most benefit your business and learn how to build your online presence.

Make it easy for people to find your Retail Store on the web;

Learn how to improve your ranking in search engines and improve brand awareness and sales with online advertising

Reaching more people locally, on social media, or on mobile;

Learn how to grow your presence and increase engagement with customers locally, over mobile and social media. Web browsing on-the-go is very much a part of everyday life – which is why a mobile presence is important for businesses to embrace. Learn about the differences between mobile sites and mobile apps, mobile SEO and which type of mobile marketing is right for your goals.

Reach more customers with advertising;

Promote your business through email marketing, videos and display advertising

Track and measure web traffic;

Use web analytics to improve and optimise your online marketing, Web analytics can provide a world of information when it comes to understanding your web users. By clearly outlining your business goals, you can then utilise analytics data to help you refine and improve your website and meet your objectives.

Improve your search campaigns

The world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is full of opportunities, but to benefit you’ll first need to master research tools and keyword selection. From there, you can improve and optimise your search campaigns to ensure you get maximum value for what you spend.

Sell products or services online;

Use e-commerce to reach more customers and increase sales.

Take a business global;

Evaluate and plan how to launch your online business into new markets around the world.

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