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The “Corlia Roberts” Diamond  Education Course

Complete Guide Diamond Education Course Outline and Overview ( Jewel City Johannesburg )


The  Educational Course is about making money in the Diamond business. This is the most comprehensive Rough Diamond course in the world. We present an insider view for:

  • Professional Diamantaires who deal in rough
  • Mine owners, producers, and employees
  • Rough Diamond buyers
  • Industrial diamond specialists
  • Diamond cutters
  • Professional gemologists
  • Professional educators in the fields of geology and mineralogy
  • Geologists and mineralogists
  • Jewelry tradespeople
  • Gem dealers
  • Investors and speculators “How to make Money

We can also teach those who are just entering the world of diamonds from  rough to diamond cutting and grading, who require specific as well as general expertise. We cover the full spectrum of this industry. Every aspect of raw diamond science and business with current up-to-date rapaport cash values and world consumption markets revealed. ”


This course of study is customized to fit the requirements of the students. Expanded or condensed versions are possible depending on the group or individual needs. Classes are limited to Four (4) participants  and  private if requested. We have tons of carats of rough in different types and origins for student examination.

Official Certificates of Graduation outlining your individual course of study are issued upon your successful completion of training and examination.

Examples of some important areas covered in the training course:

  1. Marketing or using difficult types of rough that accompany “mine run” parcel lots and economic evaluation of those groups whether they can be cut or are of industrial diamond grade.
  2. General grading and forming specific parcels for specialized needs both in polishable and industrial grades. This is an extremely broad area and requires a large block of time.
  3. How to check mine run parcels and or mixed graded lots for buying. Knowing the approximate values and production potentials in an instant can make a vast difference in the overall price and the amount of goods that you can examine in a given period of time.
  4. Rough evaluations  will be learned on individual large fine goods, larger sizes in commercial goods, white verses colored and fancy colors, speculative rough in production, melee size production rough in all grades, coated goods in all sizes and other possible areas of student request.
  5. Every aspect of weight percentage recovery and all shapes
  6. Specifics on cutting technologies and  working with contract manufactures.
  7. Manufacturing diamond tools for specialized uses.
  8. How to guarantee profitable purchases.


If you have a diamond mining property anywhere in the world requiring on site consultations and evaluations or courses we can to travel to the location to conduct the course.

For further course information, call Corlia on +27 813190211

Kimberly Process Compliance – This is a registration and international tax process on all un-cut raw Rough diamonds that is shipped and/or transported through any means between sovereign nations. It has become mandatory law world wide through a United Nations campaign using as its basis what is referred to as “conflict diamonds”. The said goal was and is to theoretically prevent conflict (finance of war) through means of justifiable economic regulation of the “valuable diamond”. Legal compliance of the Kimberly Process is not optional. We do believe in “truth, justice and free enterprise” and enjoy promoting those ideals. There is no such thing as a “conflict diamond“, only conflict people. The phrase “conflict diamonds” is not good for the business. It gives people the wrong idea about gem quality diamonds in general which are primarily a symbol of eternal love and commitment.

This a topic that has been in the news. It will be discussed and dissected. Caution through education should be taken in order to avoid costly fines and major legal problems through non compliance. We will train you to be 100% compliant.

Social and humanitarian issues will be discussed in relation to various business environments. If you and your profitable business workings genuinely help and enhance people’s lives and there environment, you will create allies and be extremely successful.

There are certain diamond rich regions in the world that are “red flag” high risk places to be and to do business. Many of these locations are even Kimberly Process compliant on the rough diamond exports. The high risk creates opportunities and possible value added profit margins. The risk could be political instability, actual war, lack of a moral code among the local population, and by far the highest risk in the tropical locations is malaria, amoebic dysentery and other maladies. You must seriously consider and weigh all the factors. Consult your business advisers, mentors, friends and most importantly your family before committing to a move, project and/or a venture.

Education is Forever


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