Diamond Shape Guide

About Diamond Shapes

What is the best cut for a rough diamond?

It all depends on the shape in the rough diamond form, the question you need to ask yourself is what would be the best recovery weight for highest profit margin. In our opinion that would be the shape to manufacture. In most cases it would be a round cut brilliant with 57 facets. diamond shapes

What diamond cut is best for am engagement ring?

In our opinion it is a Round Brilliant cut diamond. With 57 facets. Other popular diamond shapes are the Princess Cut diamonds which are square shaped diamonds mainly cut and polished from a crystal shape rough diamond. However everyone has there own unique preferences. Diamond Shapes

Rough Diamonds are cut and polished into very specific shapes. There are common shapes that are found throughout the world. Master diamond cutters will polish the diamonds to bring out the best qualities taking the inclusions into account.

A trained master diamond cutter has the ability to transform the un-cut diamond into something that will astound. Depending upon the size of the diamond, the number of inclusions that it has, and it’s value, a craftsman will polish the necessary cuts to improve upon its appearance #educationisforever
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