Diamond Dealers

If you looking to get a Diamond dealers licence we recommend to do our rough diamond grading and evaluation course
online, Equipment is included in the course fee; cost R11500

To give you an idea of the format please try the first lesson it will work on your mobile phone as well.

The fee includes assistance with licence application for a diamond dealers licence and business plan as per the requirements of the
mining charter, we will complete and submit for you. Cost to regulator R5000 in individual name or R10000 in a company and licence is valid for 5 years. You can have a home office for this purpose .

Please complete the online enrollment form: and we will forward you an invoice.

Why not consider our Online courses which are currently running 24/7 with zoom support.

Applying for a diamond trading licence? This online course fee includes assistance with the application, equipment, and  certificate required to apply. Duration: 5-7 Days Cost ZAR 11500.00 / USD 1200.00 /AUD 1200.00

Contact us on WhatsApp or call to find out more or get enrolled 073 999-0999 / +27739990999 

Our diamond and Jewellery classes teaching methods differ from course to course. Some are lab or class room based, whilst others are done via distance learning,  or a blend of both approaches, we have designed our diamond courses to give the best learning experience to our students.
After completion of the training you will be able to;

Price, grade, distinguish, categorize, appraise, calculate, and debate how color, imperfection, shape, and proportions affect the value of gemstones.

Besides, that learned above, this course will include, use of a loupe the correct way; inspect gem-quality and industrial diamonds.

In addition, you will study the different quality shapes color sizing, and sieving; identification of  what gemstones are Sawable; Makable and Boart with its qualities and colors;

For this purpose of appraisal, we will analyze the Rapaport Diamond Price List to calculate the value,

Where can I purchase rough diamonds from ?.

How to apply for a diamond license in South Africa. We offer assistance to apply for a Diamond Dealers Licence and completion of the business plan as per the mining charter. WhatsApp us on  0739990999  for assistance.

Diamond Education

The student will be able on completion for example; read and compare lab reports of reputable internationally recognized diamond grading reports and certificates of independent labs including EGL HRD and GIA.

We are World Leaders in Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation, Diamond Education, Cutting, and Rough Diamond Valuation in all its phases. 

Distance Education and Part-Time Courses 

Diamond Course / Class Learn Today

Simply choose your dream career and see exactly what steps are required to achieve it. Besides that, each diploma / Certificate program leads to a rewarding career in jewelry or gemmology. You can also read about successful jewelers and gemologists – where they started and where they are now.

Let your Diamond journey begin. . . Choose Your Career. .Choose Your Course. . .

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Complete the online application form and indicate the date you wish to take the course.

Take advantage of our technology today and use the necessary study app and online course. Our Rough Diamond program is now available online to help part-time and distance education students with every aspect of studying. This internationally recognized short course in diamond evaluation is presented both in class and via e-learning Enroll Online

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