Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds in Sydney Australia Headquarters coaching and training courses in rough diamond and retail jewellers

Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds | Sydney Australia

Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds Australia

Currently offers the following diamond education courses;

  • Rough Diamond Evaluation Online course and a two day practical in Sydney to gain the certification and recognition as a rough diamond dealer
  • Jewellery Sales Professional, The objective of the course is to give an in-depth overview of diamond journey through to selling techniques including the psychology of selling. Learn to grade and read diamond reports with emphasis on security, methods to protect your inventory being switched or stolen while being distracted when dealing with customers.

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Sydney Office Contact No. +61 450 358 376 Peter Roberts

The Sydney City is Australia's main financial and economic centre, as well as a leading hub of economic activity for the Asia-Pacific region
Corlia Roberts Institute of Diamonds situated in Sydney Central Business District (CBD) is the main diamond centre of Sydney,
Australia Square Plaza. Lifts, Plaza Building, Australia Square
, 95 Pitt Street, Sydney, Western Sydney, NSW 2000
Australia Square Plaza. Plaza BuildingAustralia Square
, 95 Pitt Street, Sydney, Western Sydney, NSW 2000 
Sydney's CBD is serviced by commuter rail, light rail, buses and ferry transport. In addition, an underground rapid transit system known as the Sydney Metro is being developed
Sydney’s CBD is serviced by commuter rail, light rail, buses and ferry transport. In addition, an underground rapid transit system known as the Sydney Metro is being developed

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