Cape Town Course

Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation – Cape Town Course

Corlia Roberts offers an ONLINE diamond and evaluating course and practical one day in Cape Town, South Africa on 10 November 2022.

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The fee includes assistance with licence application for a diamond dealers licence and Diamond Dealers business plan as per the requirements of the mining charter for application with a Diamond Dealers Licence in Cape Town and Western Cape.

Cape Town Diamond Training Program

The Practical will cover world producers of diamonds and the Kimberley process and how it works, practical diamond grading, by the end of the day, the student will be able to grade color and clarity within a grade of an International standard using 25 selected natural diamonds to be graded.

A workbook will be provided covering diamonds generally ie. synthetics, imitations, fluorescence, color and clarity enhancing, etc.

All equipment is included ie; Diamond scale, loupe, tweezer, corundum test pen, (also known as a scratch pen) sorting pad, light, UV light.

We focus on the rough and how it all works, the sorting the pricing.

At the end of the course, the student is issued a Corlia Roberts certificate in Rough Diamond Grading and Evaluation.

This course is comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable and the student will leave well equipped to deal in all aspects of cut/polished and rough diamonds.

An absolute bonus to the course is free assistance with aspects of applying for a diamond dealer’s license.

The practical part of the course starts at 09:00 break for morning tea/coffee and for lunch which is included and ends at 17:00.

Book today Contact Evan Roberts on +27739990999 or Corlia Roberts direct on 0829657740 also her whatsapp number.

Diamonds And Precious Metals Applications

Diamond Licence Application Guidline on documents needed to apply

  1. Duly Completed Application Form
  2. Authorized Representative Application
  3. Application Fee
  4. Proof of Business Premises
  5. Inspection Report
  6. Statement of Account
  7. Transformation Verification Report
  8. Proposed Business Plan, Inclusive of BEE
  9. Company Registration Forms
  10. Copy of Resolution. If acting in a representative capacity
  11. Police Clearance Certificates
  12. Copy of I.D Document
  13. Tax Clearance Certificate
  14. Proof of Technical Ability
  15. Proof of Adequate Financial Ability
  16. Proof of Compliance with NEMA
  17. Consultation with SARB / National Treasury
  18. Proof of Local Demand
  19. Contracts / Letters of Intent
  20. 80/20 Breakdown (Diamond Permit)
  21. Activity Report
  22. Evaluation Report
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