There are no prerequisite educational requirements in order to enroll at The Corlia Roberts Diamond Education College, Established in 2001, is well equipped to ensure thorough and professional training and course presentation Our personalized tuition with highly experienced lecturers ensures professional skills transfer.


Learn to speak the language of diamonds …

Embark on an exciting career as a Jewellery Business Owner, Gem and Jewellery Buyer, Lab and Research Professional, Diamond Manufacturer, Appraiser, Auction House Jewellery Specialist, Staff Gemmologist, Instructor or Loose Stone Dealer


Whether you’re taking the next step in your career journey or starting a new career, CRDEC courses and Diamond Education prepare you for success. The finest gem and jewelry education in the world. Academic credentials earned at CRDEC are respected by gem and jewelry professionals around the world. They are the internationally recognized symbol of a high standard of education in the fields of gemology.

Diamond Courses on Offer

Rough Diamond Courses:

A two week course in which  you will learn  how to sort raw,  rough diamonds into different categories, according to various criteria such as size, color, clarity and morphology.

About Sawables and makeables, you will know the difference and the recovery formula, The course focuses on practice with a sound theoretical background.

Additionally you will learn how to maximize the yield of a polished diamond starting from the raw product and how  Sarin and ogi technology  can help you make the best decision. How to calculate rough diamond prices will be shared as well. After passing a test, you will be reworded with a completion certificate and tools  ready for a career in the rough diamond industry.

Diamond Polishing Courses:

A 3 Month course in which  you will learn  how to cut and polish raw diamonds, South Africa  has some of the best diamond polishers in the world, so what better place to learn to polish than at Jewel City in Johannesburg. During this polishing program, you will learn how to polish a diamond, how to mount a diamond in a dop and how to handle a diamond tang.

In our well-equipped diamond school factory, you will be able to experiment on diamonds (boart), learn how to facet the table and how to polish a single cut diamond (eight-cut). Polishing wheels (scaife), tangs, dops and boart (low quality diamonds) are available for all students, while our master cutter will closely supervise and assist you.

Polished Diamond Courses

Diamond Grading and Identification

A one week course to learn how to grade diamonds. You will study the 4 C’s Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut according to the GIA system an international standard for grading polished diamonds.

Our highly skilled and experienced lecturer will guide you through the process. You will learn how to detect the most common fakes, simulants, develop impeccable grading skills. Learn more about the different laboratory diamond grading reports.

Gold Course:

A two day course to learn  The Gold Standard, Gold extraction, refining process, testing,  methods of assaying and purifying, Price Structure, AU





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GIA Free Tools : 4C’s Courtesy of The Gemological Institute of America

About the Gemological Institute of America ­ was established in 1931 as the nonprofit educational resource for the gem and jewelry industry. With a staff of dedicated professionals, GIA is committed to helping both the industry and the consuming public understand the dynamic world of gemology through its vast network of educational programs and services. By providing jewelers with the knowledge, tools and training to better serve the consumer, GIA strives to promote the integrity of the industry and secure the public’s trust.

A Tradition of Research and Education

First GIA instrument registered is a loupe with a triple aplanatic lens
Established in 1931, GIA is the world’s foremost nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning.

Conceived 72 years ago in the august tradition of Europe’s most venerated institutes, GIA  discovers (through GIA Research), imparts (through GIA Education), and applies(through the GIA Gem Laboratory and GIA Gem Instruments) gemological knowledge to help ensure the public trust in gems and jewelry.

giaThe Institute’s world-renowned scientists, researchers, gemologists, and educators have become recognized as the final authority on diamond grading and gem identification.

Internationally Respected Science and Innovation

GIA’s groundbreaking scientific research has been covered for more than 65 years by its award winning quarterly journal, Gems & Gemology. The Institute’s history of education, research, laboratory services, and instrument development reads like a virtual chronicle of the jewelry industry’s own growth and sophistication.

GIA Offers Colored Stone Services

GIA Offers On-Site Colored Stone Services at Baselworld 2017     Convenient access to gem identification and country-of-origin reports As jewelry artisans create unique and one-of-a-kind watches and other jewelry, it’s increasingly important to verify the authenticity and characteristics of gemstones adorning these pieces. To help ensure confidence, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is offering …

The World of Diamonds

The world of Diamonds: Diamonds are cherished around the world, and there are always opportunities for trained diamanteers . Buying and selling diamonds in Johannesburg Diamond District. Negotiating deals with jewellery executives in Sandton. Charting diamond mining trends in Africa. Being a trained diamanteer is like having an international passport that takes you anywhere that gems and …